Sorcerer’s Duel Review

Before you read this review I’d suggest checking out my thoughts on the first book in the series. W H Cann brings back Grogaan and his friends to take us on a brand new adventure into the heart of the inky darkness of space. This time Grogaan and his soul-mate Ellarna learn to harness their magic and train to become Guardians. This is not a … Continue reading Sorcerer’s Duel Review

Undead Drive-Thru Review

I have to start out this review by saying that this book surprised me, massively. I initially expected nothing more than a standard mediocre horror flick written by a semi-professional author, you know the kind you can find plastered all over the amazon kindle home page. Yet this is almost Stephen King level material, OK that may be an exaggeration but it is damn good. … Continue reading Undead Drive-Thru Review

Path to Vengeance Review

With his father, brother and fiancĂ©e lying dead at the hands of Krelathan raiders, Grogaan’s life is ripped apart, he is consumed with grief, anger and rage. He vows to himself that he will have his revenge and he sets out on his ‘path to vengeance’ by purchasing four starfighters for him and his friends, which they extensively modify to give them the advantage in … Continue reading Path to Vengeance Review

The Phoenix Conspiracy Review

The Phoenix Conspiracy by Richard Sanders is a science-fiction novel set in a future Universe where mankind has managed to create a sprawling Empire stretching across a huge swath of the galaxy. Opposing them are two rival alien Empires. On the face of it the Human Empire seems to be largely peaceful. However, a rogue captain attacks an innocent alien civilian convoy and quickly plunges … Continue reading The Phoenix Conspiracy Review