The Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury has reported record profits despite supply chain issues

Bloomsbury, the book publisher of the Harry Potter franchise, has announced record sales and profits thanks to the popularity of new titles such as Tom Kerridge’s latest cookbook, this despite the ongoing supply chain issues affecting the UK. The company said that the increase in reading during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic led people to “rediscover … Continue reading “The Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury has reported record profits despite supply chain issues”

Harry Potter helps fuel UK online reselling boom

Harry Potter is one of the major contributing factors that has helped fuel a boom in online sales of second-hand books. Sales at online “resellers” like MusicMagpie have jumped more than 22% in the UK last year, taking their earnings to over £120min. The sale of second-hand books alone has increased by 75% over the … Continue reading “Harry Potter helps fuel UK online reselling boom”

Harry Potter first edition sells for £68k

A first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has fetched a staggering £68,000 at auction. This exceedingly rare issue was one of just 500 hardback copies that were printed back in 1997 before the magical saga rose to its lofty heights. Other such copies have fetched large amounts at auction recently, including … Continue reading “Harry Potter first edition sells for £68k”

UK bookshops report record breaking week

Bookstores across the UK are currently reporting a large boom in sales since readers have been able to return to their stores after the lock-down. This boom comes with the first avalanche of Christmas titles being released, and the result is their best first week of September since records began. New books from authors including … Continue reading “UK bookshops report record breaking week”

JK Rowling returns award after Kerry Kennedy criticism

JK Rowling has decided she will be giving back an award associated with the US Kennedy family, this comes after the author’s faced continuing criticism for her views on gender and trans issues. Rowling was given the Ripple of Hope honour by the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights organisation last year. However, earlier this month, … Continue reading “JK Rowling returns award after Kerry Kennedy criticism”