Christos Tsiolkas has won the $60,000 Melbourne prize for literature

The Melbourne based writer Christos Tsiolkas has won one of Australia’s most prestigious literary awards in recognition of his work that spans more than a quarter of a century. The $60,000 Melbourne prize for literature was announced earlier today and was awarded to Tsiolkas for his “outstanding contribution to Australian literature and to cultural and intellectual life”, according to … Continue reading “Christos Tsiolkas has won the $60,000 Melbourne prize for literature”

Barry Lopez, the award-winning Arctic Dreams author, has died aged 75

The award winning American writer Barry Lopez, whose work focused on creating bonds between people and places has sadly passed away at the age of 75. Lopes died in Oregon on Friday after a long battle with prostate cancer, his family said. Kim Stafford, a former Oregon poet laureate and longtime friend said that Lopez’s … Continue reading “Barry Lopez, the award-winning Arctic Dreams author, has died aged 75”

French book I Hate Men sees sales boom after government minister calls for ban

A French government official’s futile attempt to ban an essay entitled I Hate Men because of its “incitement to hatred on the grounds of gender” have since  backfired and has sent sales of the feminist pamphlet into the stratosphere. Pauline Harmange’s Moi les hommes, je les déteste is an essay that explores whether women “have … Continue reading “French book I Hate Men sees sales boom after government minister calls for ban”


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On Ghosts by Mary Shelley Review

When I tell you the name Mary Shelly what do you immediately think of? If you are anything like me then the countless remakes of the much loved and brilliant Frankenstein will be paramount in your mind at the mere mention of her name. Which is why it’s little wonder that her other novels remain … Continue reading “On Ghosts by Mary Shelley Review”

The Indian in the Cupboard Review

When Omri turns nine he is disappointed to find that all his best friend Patrick got him was a small plastic native American brave. He also gets a metal cupboard from his older brother, a cupboard which can be locked by a mysterious skeleton key that had once belonged to his great-grandmother. Omri places the … Continue reading “The Indian in the Cupboard Review”