Find Me by Anne Fraiser Review

Infamous serial killer Benjamin Fisher has finally agreed to lead detective Daniel Ellis to the graves of his victims. There’s just one catch, he’ll only do it if his estranged daughter, former FBI profiler Reni Fisher, joins them.

Reni can’t say no, she feels complicit in those bloody crimes. Her father would use her to lure unsuspecting women to their untimely deaths. Reni wants closure, for herself, and for the families of her fathers victims.

But for Reni and Daniel this is not the end of a nightmare, it’s merely the beginning.

This is an interesting read and the opening few chapters are compelling. Sadly the spell doesn’t last and I found myself getting a little bored as the story progressed.

The book gets bogged down in describing the scenery over and over again, and the same scenery I might add. A lot of the book takes place in a desert, I know what that looks like so you can stop describing it to me and get on with the story.

This fascination with scenery slows the pace of the book down to a boring crawl. It also makes it really strange that there’s not much description anywhere else. I liked the characters and the premise is enticing but the book takes far too long to actually deliver on anything it promises.

When you do finally reach the end it’s a bit crazy and unusual. Not quite what I had expected and not really in a good way.

If you like slow burning reads this might be worth adding to your reading list. But if like me you like a story to get to the point I’d avoid this one.

Author: Jamie Hall

Writer, avid book reader and procrastinator extraordinaire.

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